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Central Hotel Verbier

Booking Conditions - Central Hotel Verbier

All bookings made and accepted are subject to the terms set out in these conditions and possible claims shall be governed by Swiss laws and regulations. 

The full price of the holiday must be paid to Central Hotel Verbier SA 30 days prior to your arrival in the resort. In the event that Central Hotel Verbier SA does not receive the balance of the payment 30 days prior to your arrival, Central Hotel Verbier SA reserves the right to cancel the booking. For bookings made within 30 days of your intended arrival in the resort, the holiday is confirmed once verbal confirmation is given over the telephone or by a written confirmation via email. Full payment for the holiday must then be made immediately.  

Please note that Central Hotel is located in the heart of Verbier on Place Central and also directly above the Tbar. The atmosphere in this part of town is lively and consequently, noise can travel up to the hotel. Although the Tbar staff do their best to contain the noise, it can be inconvenient for some guests. 

No Surcharge Guarantee
The price of your holiday is guaranteed. The prices listed are in Swiss Francs CHF and are quoted per accommodation.

It is a condition of booking that each member of the party has adequate personal insurance to cover themselves against sports accidents, third party risks, and cancellation.  

Check-in and check-out times 

Check-in 15:00h

Check-out  11:00h

Failure to check-out of your accommodation on time may result in a minimum of CHF100.00 charge. 

Check-in and check-out times are strictly enforced. If you would like a later check-out time, you are required to check with the hotel manager during your stay to see if another client is arriving the day you leave. If not, you may be able to stay on later at no extra charge, however, you are required to get prior permission to stay later than the published check-out time. 

Complaints & Maintenance
Central Hotel Verbier SA shall make every effort to keep the hotel in good working order. In case of a maintenance problem, we will strive to address the situation as soon as possible after being notified. We reserve the right to be allowed 48 hours to address a reported problem. It is the guest’s obligation to report any problems or damages to the property as soon as they are aware of an issue. Central Hotel Verbier SA is not obliged to offer a refund or rate adjustment for unforeseen mechanical failures such as the supply of electricity, telephone service, internet service, water, Jacuzzi, television or cable service, appliances, etc. Pets are NOT allowed. If any evidence of a pet has been found on the premises, guests will be evicted from the hotel and will forfeit monies paid and any balance due for incidentals will be debited from your credit card. Smoking in the rooms and inside the hotel building is strictly forbidden and against Swiss law if there is evidence of guests smoking in the hotel the guest will be charged a minimum cleaning fee of CHF 300.00. 

Cancellation of stay:

Cancellation by a client will only be effective when notification has been received in writing. If cancelled or modified up to 31 days before the date of arrival, no charge will be made.

If cancelled or modified within 30 days of arrival or in case of no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged. Please ensure that you have adequate insurance cover in case of cancellation. If no written notice of cancellation is received and the client does not travel, cancellations will be deemed to have been received on the arrival date of your stay. Central Hotel Verbier SA reserves the right to resell any part of the cancelled holiday, and this shall in no way alter their right to levy cancellation charges. Central Hotel Verbier SA reserves the right, in any circumstances, to cancel your holiday. 

Compensation will not be paid for alterations caused by war, political trouble, strike, epidemic, pandemic, terrorist acts, acts of God, natural disaster, fire, technical problems relating to transport, closure or congestion of airports, or adverse weather conditions.

It is a condition of each booking that all clients must take their own travel insurance. Furthermore, if ski lift closures occur during the stay of a guest of Central Hotel Verbier SA, NO refund will be due on behalf of Central Hotel Verbier SA. Any request for changes to your reservation (such as date changes or changes in the number of persons) must be made in writing by fax, email or mail. Relevant additional charges may apply.

There will be no refunds granted for late arrivals or premature departures. Central Hotel Verbier SA will not pay any refunds in respect of unused portions of accommodation either. 

Booking Declaration
This booking reservation constitutes your acceptance and agreement to the terms, conditions, limitations, and restrictions as printed above.